Introduction to Metamodernism
︎by Thom Hamer

Through a combination of relatable, pop-cultural examples and theoretical characteristics of metamodernism, Thom Hamer (Cardiff University) introduces the concept to the audience. During this talk, many metamodern concepts will be made intelligible, such as postironic sincerity, an embrace of quirkiness, renewed spirituality, meme culture...

Artist Interviews + Q&A
︎with Annika Kappner, Yin-Ju Chen, Agnes Momirski

May 7th 2022
11.00am - 12.30pm (GMT+1)
Bring your questions
Cutting-edge contemporary artists will be joining us for an engaging discussion at the Metamodern Festival. In a 20-minute interview, our interviewer will try to flesh out the nature of the artist's work in relation to the festival's theme, before opening up the discussion to the audience...

Literary reading and gamified book giveaway  
︎by Iona Ramsay

In the literary world, metamodernism is everywhere – one simply has to look in the right place through the right lens. Among the many authors associated with metamodernism are....

Metamodern collage workshop
︎by the committee

During this workshop, participants will join forces and experience a hands-on way of gaining insight into metamodernism. The end-result will be a collage, but the process is just as important as the outcome...