Highway to Infinity

Friday 26 May 2023
14.00 – 14.30 (BST)
NoFit State Circus


Highway to Infinity is a 20-minute atmospheric and episodic movement and sound-based piece about the power of the human unconscious. Through voguing, bending circus, and fusing lipsyncing, Highway to Infinity references the characters we play both privately and in society, inner thoughts, sense of self, and videogaming. This piece is a work in progress.

Created and performed by Symoné in collaboration with Sammy Metcalfe
Music created by Sammy Metcalfe

All consciousness is consciousness of something
It is the product not so much out of interactions with the environment -
a landscape is more or less inert, or at least predictable -
but rather of interactions with other living things
You are experiencing yourself right now because somewhere
- in an unimaginably distant past -
Your evolutionary ancestors experienced each other
And so because
aware of each other
And so because aware of themselves
No man is an island
The Other - another mind and body outside of yourself,
seen and seeing,
        touched and touching -
you would not exist

- by Sammy Metcalfe


Symoné is an alternative circus and performance artist based in Folkestone, UK. Her work is about exploring what circus is and could be and works between the underground club scene, videogame development, cabaret, installation work, and West End shows. Symoné is a Guinness World Record holder, a member of Pecs Drag King Collective, and always has something new up her sleeve to create a sensation.