Artist Interviews + Q&A

May 7th 2022
11.00am - 12.30pm (GMT+1)
Bring your questions

Cutting-edge contemporary artists will be joining us for an engaging discussion at the Metamodern Festival. In a 20-minute interview, our interviewer will try to flesh out the nature of the artist's work in relation to the festival's theme, before opening up the discussion to the audience. Artists include meditational scenographer Annika Kappner, power-critical filmmaker Yin-Ju Chen and posthumanist mystic Agnes Momirski. Bring your questions beforehand or trust your impulses; whatever you do, you don't want to miss out!

Annika Kappner

Annika Kappner creates sensory scenographies in the extended field of painting, combining landscape, installation, performance, guided meditations, scent and sound to create glitches in perception. Her work is interested in the evolution of consciousness, the shifting perception of (self) image in relation to mental patterns and the underlying forces that shape their systemic counterparts in nature, visual culture and science. She seeks to add experiential perspectives to the contemporary relationship between human, nature and technology, addressing concepts of non-duality and otherness to enable an emancipation of ways of sensing. 

Yin-Ju Chen

Based in Taipei, Yin-Ju Chen interprets social power and history through cosmological systems. Utilizing astrology, sacred geometries, and alchemical symbols, she considers human behavior, nationalism, imperialism, state violence, totalitarianism, utopian formations, and collective thinking. Recently, she has been exploring the material effects of spiritual/shamanic practices and the metaphysical potentialities of consciousness.

Agnes Momirski

Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist, based in Rotterdam and Ljubljana. Her work and research explores the human condition in the coming era of posthumanity, by drawing from philosophical, anthropological, metaphysical, and astrological knowledge. 

Her work departs from a deeply embodied performance practice rooted in voice and language, seeking the links between nature, the posthuman, embodiment, rhythm, inner work and healing, creating multimedia visual, music and sound collaborations across disciplines.