An Introduction to Plant-Human Co-Creation

Friday 26 May 2023
11.30 – 13.00 (BST)
NoFit State Circus


The Plant-Juggling project aims to find methods of how to co-create juggling material with plants, in the hopes to transform human-plant relationships in public space through juggling practice. Plant-Juggling acknowledges our assemblages with plants and treats them as agents in public discourse, co-producers of space and partners in circus, rather than living objects in the landscape.

In this 1h30min workshop, there will be a demonstration of material devised through the plant-juggling approach followed by practical exercises and starting points on how to begin to collaborate with a plant partner. You do not need to know how to juggle to take part in this workshop. We will focus on different ways in which to get to know and start a conversation with a plant partner, and you can use different creation techniques (writing, drawing, movement).


Valentina is a circus artist who specializes in juggling, static trapeze, and trapeze-juggling (an integration of both). After finishing her BA at Circomedia in 2018, her work has explored methods for creating instances of collaboration between artist, audience, and non-humans, using circus. Following these interests, she studied an MA in Performing Public Space at Fontys University, focusing her research on developing Plant-Juggling, a new approach to juggling technique that aims to co-create with plants. Valentina also works as a circus teacher at Circomedia and a freelance performer.