About the Metamodern Festival

Tune in to the Metamodern Festival: a free online festival on contemporary art and culture on May 7th 2022, open to academics, artists and the general public alike.

What is metamodernism?

The heyday of postmodernity is over. But what’s next? How should we understand the social condition that we’re in? Metamodernism is a term that aims to describe our contemporary condition: an age defined by the internet, reinvigorated fanaticism and a new sincerity, among other things. Essentially, metamodernism combines postmodern scepticism with the frenetic vigour of modernism.

This applies to our daily lives, as we are influenced by and contribute to the world that we inhabit. Notice, for example, the disarming quirkiness in films by Wes Anderson and series like The Office (US); or the positive embrace of our cringeworthy side on social media. These phenomena show how we don't have to choose between an attitude of ironic distance or a blissfully ignorant state of sincerity. What makes metamodernism so powerful and applicable, then, is the way in which it allows us to engage critically with the world without succumbing to cynicism.
Metamodern Festival

In dialogue with a wide audience, the Metamodern Festival aims to explore the idea of a metamodern era, with a focus on our connectedness through social media, the revival of craftsmanship and the embrace of cringe, among many other things. Taking place on May 7th 2022, the online festival brings an academically grounded yet accessible introduction to metamodernism, a post-ironic workshop, literary readings with a gamified book giveaway, and exclusive interviews with cutting-edge international artists. We’re excited to start a conversation! Are you joining? Get your free tickets!   

Join the conversation

Because of the relatively unexplored nature of metamodernism, we need a broad diversity of people to be included in the conversation. Whether you are active in academia, the cultural sector or just someone who's trying to understand society and their place in it — we need you! Stay in touch via Twitter or via our website.

Funded by the South, West & Wales Doctoral Training Partnership (AHRC).

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